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Foods and humans
Humans are the highest species of living things, they could eat almost anything as food, from fruits to leaves, seeds, eggs, roots, stalks, fungus, animals, and many more. The ability of humans to be able to eat many things makes thousands of foods available for human consumption. Moreover, the ability of human to adapt physiologically to various types of foods, still doesn’t change the fact that some foods such as fruits and vegetables are necessary and cannot be eliminated. No matter how well one adapts to a particular diet that is not ideal i.e deficient in fruits and vegetables, there is no way (s)he will live healthily, and will definitely suffer a number of chronic diseases.

What I’m showing here is that the vast adaptation of human on foods does not means he can easily eliminate certain foods (necessary foods) and survive healthily. But the question here is, does the fact that human could consume many varieties of food mean all of them are ideal for eating? Among this variety of foods is there an ideal diet for humans that, apart from nourishing the body, helps prevents disease and maintains health?
These are the questions you should ask your self. The answer to these questions are:

• As we have read, there are thousands of foods ready for human consumption. But, not all these foods are ideal for the healthy being of the body. Some foods only cause harm to our body, they cause several diseases, or exacerbate potential diseases, and thus, the reason why you must avoid them.
For a better reader’s understanding and interest, at the end of every disease we review on this website, we do outline foods that exacerbate/cause them, and foods that can helpfully eliminate them.

• Of course, we do have great and wonderful foods that helps nourish the body, maintains good health, and prevents diseases. These are the healing foods we are talking about. They possess many therapeutic applications and values. Browse through our food categories below
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Foods and human health

Our diet plays an important role in our life, our health. Knowing the right type of food that works best for our body is by far the greatest challenge one faces. While some foods cause or exacerbate certain diseases, others heal or cure certain diseases. There is no food that provides all the nutrients needed by humans, only with the exception of breast milk during infancy. Therefore, learning how to select foods and combine them appropriately is very important.

This website Foods and Diseases tries as much as possible to see that its readers knows about almost all types of foods, in order to let them make the appropriate selection and combination of foods for themselves.

Healing Foods

Some healing foods and their primary use

Avocado, due to its richness in Iron fights Anemia
Onion effective against bronchitis and asthma
Cabbage heals ulcers
Hazelnut prevents kidney stones
Peanut nourishes and fortifies the skin.

Today, it is a known fact that some foods are of high medicinal properties which are clearly proven by scientific experiments, unlike the ancient times, where foods are just believed to heal certain diseases without any evidence.

To make our readers more interested,

• We created very brief information of the several healing foods, because we don’t like boring our readers with a large piece of content that’s hard to read.

• We created every post on healing foods in a satisfactory order. In this way, the reader grabs almost all the key information he needs to know about the food. This was done in the following. Order:
» Botanical name
» Synonyms / other names
» A brief description
» Properties / nutrients content
» Health benefits / medicinal uses
» And if possible, preparation.

• We used evidence from scientific reports to support all medicinal properties of foods we mention. This way, a reader gets enlightened easily on the food benefits.

• We created a disease section which is broken down into different categories with easy navigation, in order to let our readers know the diseases we are talking about. This also helps in inter-linking our articles and in-turn making navigation easy for our readers.

• We tried as much as possible to include at the end of every review of a particular disease, the foods that cause/exacerbate it, and those that eliminate it.

• We categorized foods into four different sections, namely:
» Vegetables
» Fruits
» Nuts and seeds
» Grains

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