Top 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle

Everybody needs to be healthy in order to carry out his / her day-day activities, and this can be achieved by setting out a plan for your lifestyle.
A healthy lifestyle in general, has to do with diet and habits. If these two factors are set appropriately, I doubt you won’t have problem with your health. What we eat really determines our health, as a poor diet or an inadequate diet can cause harm to our health. If you have a look on very many diseases, you will find out they are caused mainly due to an inadequate diet.
On the other hand, habits really determines our health. You can’t compare the health of the person who smoke to a person who doesn’t smoke, and same applies to the health of a physically active man to that of a physically inactive man. So, from this comparism alone you will agree that habits really determines the health of a person.

Below are the top five tips for a healthy lifestyle:

• Diet – The diet of a person willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle must be a balanced diet. His / her diet must contain all the six classes of food in adequate proportion. You can consult a nutritionist for a well arranged eating plan, or stay up to date with this blog for our eating timetable.
Note: A diet containing all the six classes of food but not in adequate proportion will only harm your health. For example, a diet containing more than 50% fat, will cause several diseases.

• Physical activity – A physically active person will always be stress-free. Physical activities in any form, be it walking, dancing, cycling, or sports, help improve the health of a person.
Physical activities does not only prevent stress, but also reduces the risk of diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and even heart attack.
Note: This tip has been statistically proven. The results showed that people who engaged themselves in physical activities were more healthy and free from most diseases.
• Harmful habits – Some people have acquired some harmful habits that are slowly killing them. Let’s take smoking for example, even its producers clearly states its dangerous to the health. It causes several diseases ranging from lung cancer to heart attack.
Habits like consumption of alcoholic drinks are also dangerous to the health, and should be avoided for a healthy lifestyle.

• Have fun – Engagement in recreational activities or simply having fun, like watching television shows, playing video games, and other fun-related activities, not only improve our mental health, but helps eradicate stress and others like depression.
A research has shown that people who engage themselves in recreational activities have a more active and healthy lifestyle than those who don’t.

• Set your own realistic goals – This last tip covers the second and the fourth tip. Engaging in physical activities doesn’t mean you must go to the gym. You can find a suitable activity or an exercise that you like and stick to it, this will make it more easier for you.
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By Abbati

Abbati studied Biological sciences at Ahmadu Bello Univeristy, Zaria. He loves learning about the medicinal properties of foods, and the need to explore them!

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