Top 15 cholesterol reducing foods

There are foods that help reduce the cholesterol level in our body. Below are 15 foods that help reduce cholesterol level.cholesterol
1. Oats– The presence of beta-glucan in the wheat bran of oats helps lowers the body’s cholesterol level. It helps eliminate the bile salts in the intestine which forms cholesterol, as well as reduce the absorption of fats by the body.

2. Banana– The abundant vegetable fiber present in banana helps lowers cholesterol level. Bananas are ideal for those suffering from coronary heart diseases which includes angina, heart failure, arterial hypertension, and myocardial infarction.

3. Guava– From an experiment conducted in India, it was noticed that after adding guava to the diet of 61 people with a high cholesterol level, there was an overall 9.9% reduction of cholesterol and 7.7% reduction in triglycerides in the blood. This lipid reducing effect of guava is due to its richness in soluble vegetable fiber, which helps ‘clean’ the intestine and facilitates the elimination of cholesterol and biliary salts
(which produce cholesterol) through feces.

4. Walnut– Two fatty acids, linolenic and linoleic, present in walnuts help lowers the cholesterol level.
Researches have also shown that regular consumption of walnuts reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

5. Artichoke– Beta-sitosterol and Stigmasterol present in artichoke helps in reducing the rate at which cholesterol is
absorbed in the intestine. Artichoke helps in reducing the tendency of cholesterol to be deposited on the arterial walls, being the main cause of arteriosclerosis, which leads
to hardening of the arteries.

6. Barley– It has been proved that the consumption of barley in any form, be it flour, flakes or malted form, helps reduce the total cholesterol level, harmful cholesterol level, as well as triglycerides.
Barley consumption has been shown effective in preventing arteriosclerosis, which leads to coronary disease.

7. Avocado – Eating avocados regularly is highly recommended for those with excess cholesterol or triglycerides in the blood.
This has been proved by many experiments. Thus, using avocado in place of cheese in salads helps brings about a significant reduction in calories, cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium.

8. Macadamia – The fats present in macadamia nuts helps lower cholesterol level and improve blood circulation through
the coronary arteries. This oil bearing nut is considered as one of the most heart- friendly nut.

9. Chickpea – The fat present in chickpea which is in moderate amount helps lower blood cholesterol level. Additionally, the fiber present in chickpea helps stops the absorption of cholesterol from other foods in the intestine, as chickpeas contain no cholesterol.

10. Sunflower seeds – Eating sunflower seeds, mainly as a substitute for other calorie-rich foods, causes a significant
reduction in cholesterol level. This advantage can still be gained by using sunflower seed oil.

11. Carambola – This fruit helps reduce the body’s cholesterol level by a reasonable amount. Carambolas help reduce intestinal absorption of cholesterol due to their high
soluble fiber content.

12. Apple – Eating two or three apples a day for several months has been shown effective in reducing cholesterol level. An
explanation for this is that, the pectin present in apple absorbs biliary salts in the intestine which is one of the main ingredients from which the body makes cholesterol.

13. Soybean – it is well known as a fact that, ” the regular consumption of soy and its derivatives reduces the total cholesterol level”.

14. Kiwi – The presence of excess cholesterol in the bloodstream is one of the causes of arteriosclerosis. The kiwi tackles this due to the presence of soluble vegetable fiber in its content which reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the

15. Lentils – The fiber in lentils absorb cholesterol from other foods, as well as bile acids, which are the primary materials for
cholesterol production in the body. After collecting the cholesterol, it eliminates it through feces. Therefore, the consumption of lentils is highly recommended for those willing to reduce their cholesterol level.

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