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Pine nut – Properties and health benefits / medicinal uses

In this article, the properties and health benefits / medicinal uses of pine nuts are discussed below.

Botanical name: Pinus pinea L.
Other names: Indian nut, Mexican nut pine, Nut pine, Pine kernel.

Pine nut is the seed of the pine nut tree, Pinus pinea L., of the botanical family Pinaceae. The pine nut tree usually reaches a height of about 30 meters, and bears the nuts in a cone shape in form of an inflorescence.

Properties of pine nuts

• Pine nuts are rich in high quality proteins which represents about 11.6% of its total content. The proteins in pine nuts are complete proteins.

• Pine nuts are very rich in fats, about 61% of its total content. These fats are composed primarily of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as pinolenic and linoleic acid, which helps in reducing the body’s blood cholesterol level as well as helps in the formation of nerve tissue.

• The most notable mineral present in pine nut is Iron. It is present in 3 mg/ 100 g.

• Also, one of the most notable vitamin in pine nut is vitamin B1. It is among the richest natural source of this vitamin.

Health benefits / medicinal uses of pine nuts

The richness of pine nuts in vitamin B1, iron and polyunsaturated fats accounts for its medicinal values. It is indicated in the cases below.

• Anemia
The consumption of pine nuts is highly recommended in cases of anemia most especially anemia caused by iron deficiency.

Weak conditions
In cases of weakened bodily conditions, the consumption of anemia is highly recommended. This is due to its high mineral and nutritive content.

Nervous system disorders
Vitamin B1 is known to prevent and treat many nervous disorders, and pine nuts are one of the richest sources of this vitamin. Therefore, its consumption is indicated for:
» Those suffering from stress and depression
» Students (as it is considered a perfect food for the brain).

Arteriosclerosis and cardiac disease
As discussed above in the properties of pine nuts, we have seen that it is rich in some beneficial fatty acids which helps reduce cholesterol. Cholesterol being the main cause of arteriosclerosis and its complications is reduced by the consumption of pine nuts.

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