Are grapes acidic in nature? Are they bad for acid reflux?

Many people do wonder if grape is an acidic food, because they probably want to avoid foods that have high acidity. People suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease or acid reflux need to avoid the consumption of acidic foods, because they are one of the many causes of this disease. Foods such as lime, lemon, pomegranates, and grapes are among the most acidic fruits in nature.

Are grapes acidic?

According to Foods and Drug Administration, grapes have a pH of 2.90 – 3.82. Just a reminder, a pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Values from 0 – 6.9 indicates acidity, while those from 7.1 – 14 indicates alkalinity. A pH of 7 is neutral. At a maximum pH of 2.9, grapes can be said to be significantly acidic.

The acidity level in grapes in most cases is dependent on the part of the world in which they are grown. Just as the sugar content in grapes is influenced by climate, the acidity level is also determined by climatic conditions to some extent. Grapes grown in cooler climates tend to be more acidic than those grown in warmer climates.

Inquiring about the acidity of foods usually starts when people begin to notice some problems with their digestive system after intake of such foods. Normally, foods are considered acidic if they have a pH of 4.6 or lower. All citrus fruits are acidic

A diet that is high in acidic foods such as proteins and sugars can cause acidity in our urine, and may carry along other negative effects. Highly acidic diets can lead to the formation of uric acid stones, a type of kidney stones. They can also cause bone and muscle deterioration, and increase the risk for liver disorders, cancer, and heart disease.

Highly acidic foods, especially their juices, can be very damaging to the teeth and its enamel. That’s why many health experts recommend the consumption of such juices with high acidity through the use of straws. Like this, the effect of the juice on our teeth and enamel is greatly reduced.

Grapes and acid reflux

The acidity level in foods like grapes does not cause significant damage, and is well tolerated by most people. In some cases, only people suffering from chronic acid reflux tend to limit their intake of this fruit.

If you are having acid reflux and don’t know if this fruit can aggravate your disorder, then you can start by removing all acidic foods from your diet, and then adding grapes to see if you experience any pain. If unfortunately your body reacts to it, then you can remove it from your diet, but if no pain is experienced, then you can go ahead with grape consumption. By the way, it has many health benefits you can’t afford to lose. You can read them here.

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