Does Asparagus contain plenty of fiber?

Fiber in asparagus

Many people who enjoy eating asparagus do enquire about the amounts of fiber in it. Of course it’s a wise decision to know whether the foods you are consuming contain some significant quantity of fiber, especially in these days where a fiber-rich diet is essential for well-being.

If you are a nutrition-conscious type of person, especially in these modern times, you must definitely be aware of the numerous health benefits that fiber carries. Probably, it is for this reason why you want to know whether asparagus contains some fiber.


Fiber in Asparagus

Asparagus is full of many nutrients, including vitamin C, iron, and many B-group vitamins. They also contain some fiber, and many other minerals in significant amounts. According to USDA, the fiber in asparagus is contained in 2.1 g per 100 gram serving (1). That’s 8% of the daily recommended intake for fiber. A cup of asparagus on the other hand will provide about 11% of your daily value for fiber.

1 large spear of asparagus (20 g) provides only 1 percent of your daily need for fiber. So, for you to reach your daily fiber goals only through asparagus intake, you will have to consume about 100 spears. That’s practically impossible. Besides, a typically serving of asparagus is about half a cup (67 g), which will cover 5% of your daily need for fiber.

As a wrap up, the fiber in asparagus cannot satisfy your daily needs for dietary fiber. However, it is good enough to make up significant portions of the dietary fiber in your dishes. Moreover, asparagus alone cannot provide your daily calorie needs, that’s why they are best served in combination with other foods.

But it’s not always about the fiber in asparagus, as it possess many other heath benefits. It’s intake may be beneficial in cases of kidney disorders, infertility, diabetes, excess cholesterol, and rheumatism. It is also important in preventing neural tube defects. You can read about the health benefits of asparagus here, where I outlined most them along with proven scientific facts.

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