Dates – Properties and medicinal uses

The dates palm is mainly common to the Arabs, it is considered as a source of living because it provides them with textile fiber to make garments, provides a sugary beverage when the tree trunk is tapped and at large, provides travelers with its nutritious fruit as a source of food.


Dates are one of the most energy-rich fruits. 100g provides 275 calories, that is about 10 dates, which represents 11% of the daily energy needs of an adult involved in average physical activity.

SUGARS – Dates contains about 66% of sugars, mainly glucose and fructose. They are one of the most sugar-rich fruits.

MINERALS– Dates are among the most mineral-rich fruits in the world. Among those present potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium are the most important. It also contains trace elements like copper, zinc and manganese in significant amounts.

VITAMINS– These are mainly B group vitamins and niacin. The group B vitamins help facilitate the utilization of sugars by the body’s cells.  Dates provide significant amount of vitamins, which contributes to their invigorating effect.

VEGETABLE FIBER– These are in form of soluble pectin and gums, although they also contain insoluble fiber; both types of fiber have a favorable effect on the intestine.                                                                                       One hundred grams (100g) of dates provides almost one-third of Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vegetable fiber.

ENERGY275 kcal

Dates are a highly nutritious and energy producing fruits. Its various components accounts for the important dietary and therapeutic applications of this amazing fruit . These dietary and therapeutic applications includes:

RESPIRATORY DISORDERS–  Dates have been traditionally used as an effective dry cough reliever and also to fight bronchial colds. These effects may be due to their richness in sugars and other unknown components. Dates can be used to fight respiratory disorders effectively by boiling them in milk.

HIGH-ENERGY DIETS– Dates can make a person healthy and also full of energy; this is known as an invigorating effect of dates. Due to their invigorating effect, they are very useful in cases of weakness at any instance. Also, their richness in sugars, vitamins, and minerals, make them beneficial to pregnant and lactating women, adolescents and young athletes.

• Dates, contains very low protein in proportion to their richness in energy. This can be highly useful in cases where protein intake is to be limited, such as a person suffering from renal failure requires very little amount of proteins.

Want to learn its methods of preparation?

Dates can be served in three ways, namely:

Dried– Dates are mainly served after drying, as this is the traditional method of preserving them. Dried dates are as well equally nutritious as fresh dates.

Fresh– Dates can also be served fresh, in this stage, they are softer and can be easily eaten. Freezing in this case serves as the method of preservation.

Boiled in milk– This method is mainly carried out to utilize to the fullest their effects on the respiratory system. Here, dates are boiled in milk (preferably non-dairy). Optionally, a spoonful of honey may be added for maximum satisfaction.

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