Breadfruit – Properties and medicinal uses

Breadfruit is a highly nutritious and energy-producing fruit, whose other names are:
* Sukun, and
* Breadnut.
It is the fruit of the breadfruit tree (Arctocarpus communis Forst.), a tree of the botanical family Moraceae that reaches a height of about 20 meters. The British colonies in the Caribbean, though that breadfruit would be a perfect food to feed their slaves, so it proceeded in importing its varieties. This was when breadfruit became well known.

The bread fruit pulp being fresh contains about 70% water. It contains significant amount of vitamins and minerals. A dried breadfruit’s composition is similar to that of wheat flour, only that, wheat flour contains more proteins but less vitamins, minerals and fats than breadfruit.

Health benefits / medicinal uses of Breadfruit

Breadfruit cannot be considered as a whole food but can be combined with other protein rich foods such as beans and other legumes, this system of combination is mostly practiced in tropical countries. The main health benefit of breadfruit is its energy-producing ability, that is why it is considered a perfect food for slaves. Due to its energy-giving ability, its popular slogan describes it as “nutritious and energy-producing fruit”. During the digestion of breadfruit, starch is converted into glucose, which supplies an immediate energy to body cells.

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By Abbati

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