Best 5 foods for the heart

A heart friendly diet is composed of fruits, vegetables, legumes, oil bearing nuts and whole grains. Amongst these form of food, fruits and vegetables have been shown to be the most important in preventing heart diseases.
Below are some selected foods among many others that are of great benefit to the heart.


Walnuts are considered as excellent foods for those suffering from coronary disease. This is because;
* Of its richness in fatty acids, which are the primary energy source for the cells of the heart
* Of its richness in vitamin B1, which contributes greatly to the proper function of the heart’s muscles
* Of its cholesterol reducing property. The lower the cholesterol level in the blood the lower the risk of arteriosclerosis, thus, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease.
These three reasons above are sufficient enough to include walnut among heart friendly foods. Thus, regular consumption of walnut is indicated in cases of heart failure, or heart attack (angina).walnut-medicinal-uses


Banana is considered as a great fruit for those suffering from coronary disease. This indication is due to the reasons below.
* Bananas are very rich in potassium and contains virtually no sodium, which are all necessary conditions that must be met for a proper heart function. With about 396mg of potassium and only 1g of sodium per 100g, banana becomes the fruit with the highest potassium/sodium quotient. And it is known that a diet poor in sodium and rich in potassium prevents stroke, arrhythmia, and arterial hypertension.
* Bananas are also rich in B group vitamins, which are necessary for energy production in the hearts muscles.
* As a great cholesterol reducing food, banana becomes a great food for the heart. Its cholesterol reducing property is due to its abundant vegetable fiber which helps absorb excess cholesterol.
* Small amounts of a substance known as serotonin has been found to be present in banana This substance acts as a great vasodilator.
Thus, the consumption of banana can be a wise way to prevent heart diseases.


As we have seen with banana, peas also have practically little or no sodium and and contains significant amounts of potassium, a condition necessary for a healthy heart. It also contains no fats. Fats and sodium, are the two most antagonistic substances to the heart, and could cause harm to coronary health if consumed out of moderation.
Thus, the consumption of peas is viewed appropriate in cases of heart valve lesions, heart failure, coronary heart disease, and as well, degeneration of the heart muscles.


Even though peaches are not a direct stimulant to the heart, their consumption is still indicated whenever any form of disorder arises in heart’s pumping activity, or for any form of heart failure. These important benefits to the heart may be attributed to the presence of abundant B group vitamins in Peaches.


Grapes consumption is highly recommended in cases of any form of cardiac condition due to
* It’s richness in potassium
* The absence of sodium and fats in it, the two most antagonistic substances to the heart.
* It’s provision of energy to the heart’s muscles in form of simple sugars.

Other foods that are of great benefit to the heart includes Broccoli, Macadamia, and cherimoya.

By Abbati

Abbati studied Biological sciences at Ahmadu Bello Univeristy, Zaria. He loves learning about the medicinal properties of foods, and the need to explore them!

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