Foods for the musculoskeletal system Vegetables

Turnip – Nutritional value and medicinal uses

Turnip or Brassica rapa is a root vegetable with numerous health benefits. It has been found to prevent cancer, improve cardiovascular health, aid digestion, prevent arteriosclerosis, improve bone health, fight inflammation, and strengthen the immune system. TURNIP Turnip is the roots and leaves of the turnip plant (Brassica rapa L.), of the botanical family Cruciferae (Brassicaceae). […]

Foods for the intestine Fruits

Plum – Properties and health benefits / medicinal uses

The plum (Prunus domestica), Prune, or Greengage, is a fruit belonging to the botanical family Rosaceae. It is well-known for its numerous medicinal uses in reducing excess cholesterol, relieving constipation and aiding digestion, improving the cardiovascular health, boosting the immune system, and lots more. The plum tree usually reaches a height of 5 meters. The fruit is […]

Infectious diseases

Tuberculosis – Causative organism, mode of transmission, symptoms and prevention

Tuberculosis is prevalent in the developing countries of Asia, Africa and South America. It is one of the commonest causes of death and illness in these regions, as over 95% cases and deaths are recorded in these regions. In general, tuberculosis normally affects the lungs but it can also affect other parts of the body. […]