5 health benefits of tomato you must know

As the case with almost all vegetables, tomato is a healing food that deserves your dishes. Its numerous medicinal applications makes it a universally recognized medicinal food. Below are some of the health benefits of tomato, be it in fresh, juice, or sauce form, to the human body.
Prostrate cancer
Tomato consumption has been proved to prevent prostrate cancer, one of the most frequent cancer among males. This effect of cancer prevention exhibited by tomato is due to its richness in lycopene, a carotenoid that protects the cells of the prostrate from abnormal growth and oxidation. Moreover, studies conducted at Harvard university (USA) show that men who regularly eat fresh tomato, its sauce or juice, are at much lower risk of prostrate cancer.
In addition to preventing prostrate cancer, its consumption also helps in reducing excessive growth of the prostrate in men beyond age 50, which is termed hypertrophy.

Depressed immune system

Tomato has been proved to naturally stimulate the immune functions of the body. This effect shown by tomato is due to its richness in vitamins and minerals, and above all, antioxidant carotenoids. They help eliminate infectious agents by increasing the infection-fighting capabilities of the body.


Tomato as a strong alkalizer of the blood helps eliminate metabolic waste products. Additionally, tomato possess a diuretic effect which facilitates the work of the kidneys. Thus, the regular consumption of this vegetable is highly recommended in cases of gout, to cleanse the blood of excess uric acid. It is also recommended in cases of kidney failure as well as the presence of toxins in the body.


Tomato is seen as a general food for all those suffering from circulatory system disorders; as a prophylactic. Tomato possesses an antioxidant effect which gives it the power to prevent the oxidation of the cholesterol transported by low-density lipoproteins (LDL), which causes the narrowing and hardening of the arteries associated with arteriosclerosis.

Cancerous disorders

As seen above, it is already noted that tomato consumption protects against prostrate cancer. From series of studies performed in different parts of the world, it has been shown that regular tomato consumption also has a protective effect from cancer of the stomach, mouth, colon, oesophagus, rectum, and as well highly protective against all types of cancers of the digestive tract.

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By Abbati

Abbati studied Biological sciences at Ahmadu Bello Univeristy, Zaria. He loves learning about the medicinal properties of foods, and the need to explore them!


  1. For we the men, we have all reason to consume tomato, as prostate cancer is no small-deal. Thank for d informative post.

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