Turnip – Properties and health benefits / medicinal uses

Turnip – Properties and health benefits / medicinal uses


Turnip, is the roots and leaves of the turnip plant (Brassica rapa L.), of the botanical family Cruciferae. They have
* an enlarged root with no sprouts,

* a greenish calcium-rich leaves, which are more nutritious than the turnip itself in terms of minerals and vitamins,

* a white or reddish external color, and

* a white or yellowish internal color.


It contains the following :

* Considerably large amount of water, about 92%

* Carbohydrates, representing about 4.43%

* About 0.9% of proteins

* A low fat content of about 0.1%

* A quite high amount of fiber, about 1.8%

* Vitamins, mainly B complex vitamins in small amount, and vitamin C in moderate amounts. Turnip lacks provitamin A, and vitamin E.

* Minerals, mainly potassium and sodium in rich amounts. Other minerals in small amounts are calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Health benefits / medicinal uses of turnip

Considering the properties/ composition of turnip, we can conclude that, when taken as a whole the turnip provides

* Little energy
* Considerable amount of fiber
* Considerable amounts of minerals as well as vitamins
* Virtually no fat.

The turnips non-nutritive compounds accounts for its medicinal benefits, yet the turnip acts as

* An alkalizer
* A diuretic, and
* A depurant
The above properties accounts for its therapeutic indications as follows:

* OBESITY – Turnips composition ( containing virtually no fat) with few calories provides a sensation of satiety. Hence, their composition paves way for an effective weight loss diets.

* URATIC ARTHRITIS (gout) – Uric acid is produced whenever the body metabolizes proteins. When there is an excess of this substance, it creates a toxic situation in the body in which uric acid crystals are deposited mainly in the joints, causing rheumatic pain and inflammation. The regular eating of turnips facilitates the urinary elimination of this uric acid. It cleanses the blood of uric acid and other metabolic residues.
Thus, the regular consumption of turnip provides relief to those suffering from rheumatic pain and others with gout.