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Passion fruit – properties and health benefits / medicinal uses


The fashion fruit, which can also be called
* Granadilla or
* Wild watermelon, is a fruit of 'Passiflora edulis' Sims., a plant of the botanical family “Passifloraceae”. The fashion fruit varies in colour, from purple to yellow and has a gelatinous pulp almost full of black seeds. Its shape and size is close to that of an egg.

The following nutrients stands out in its composition:
* SUGARS- Passion fruit contains a considerable amount of sugars (about 13%) which constitutes mainly glucose, fructose and saccharose.

* PROTEINS- The passion fruit is one of the richest fresh fruits in protein, having about 2.2% of proteins.

* VITAMINS- The passion fruits contains significant amounts of riboflavin, pyridoxine, provitamin A and vitamin E. It also contains vitamin C, in such an amount that it supplies half of the recommended dietary allowance of this vitamin.

* MINERALS- Iron is the mineral that stands out most in passion fruit. It is the most iron-rich fresh fruit. Its iron content surpasses that of eggs and close to that of meat.
Other minerals in passion fruit includes:
* Phosphorus
* Magnesium
* Calcium and
* Potassium.

* FIBER- The passion fruit may possibly be one or the richest of all vegetable products in pectin and mucilage (soluble fiber).


The richness of passion fruit in iron and also its stimulating, refreshing and mild sedating effect, accounts for its health benefits.
The medicinal uses includes:

* ANEMIA (CAUSED BY IRON DEFICIENCY)- Passion fruit is highly recommended for iron deficiency anemics due to its high iron content as well as vitamin C that facilitates its absorption.

* ANXIETY AND NERVOUSNESS– Owing to its mild sedative effect, it is appropriate for those wishing to relax their nervous system.

* CONSTIPATION– The stimulating effect of the gelatinous pulp to the digestive function, exercise a mild laxative action and also helps protect the lining of the intestine.

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