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Nov 12, 2012
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Nov 16, 2012

This is the reduction of bone mass and density to the extent that it
can lead to bone deformation or fracture.Naturally,reduction in bone mass begins around the ages of 40 or 50,however,it is only referred to as osteoporosis when it reaches a pathological

Several factors can play a vital role in the prevention of this disease, and they include:

* Taking in sufficient calcium during childhood {when the skeleton is developing},children and adolescents whose calcium intake is insufficient, stands the risks of suffering osteoporosis during adult stage. Adults,also need to take in sufficient calcium, as bone formation continues throughout life

* Sufficient sun exposure helps in preventing osteoporosis. It contains vitamin D which helps in transferring calcium from the intestine to the bloodstream

* Regular physical exercise helps prevent osteoporosis as it halts the loss of bone mass. Those who don’t exercise, experience more bone destruction than formation.

* Reduction in the elimination of calcium also prevents osteoporosis. Excess salts and proteins increase urinary calcium loss

An adequate diet is the most effective way of controlling /preventing osteoporosis. This prevention should not only be during adulthood,but also since from childhood. The more calcium retained within the skeleton during childhood, the greater reserve for the adult.
Here is a list of foods to be increased and those to be reduced/eliminated in order to control or prevent osteoporosis, and they include:

Vitamin DMeat
CoconutSoft drinks
OrangeTotal fat
Leafy greenPhosphorus
VegetablesWheat bran
TofuStimulant and alcoholic beverages

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