Night blindness – Causes, symptoms, treatment and recommended diets!

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This is a slowing or complete lack of the ability to adapt seeing in the dark. It is the main symptom of a deficiency of vitamin A.



Vitamin A is needed for proper functioning of epithelial tissue such as skin, mucous membranes; component of visual pigments, essential for normal growth, and needed for vision in dim light.
Thus, the main cause arises as a result of deficiency of vitamin A within the body.


The main symptom is the inability to see clearly in dim light, and it may also progress to XEROPHTHALMIA (the permanent blindness of the eye).
Another symptom is; the skin becomes flaky.


Certain diets are known to control and even eliminate this disease, these diets are usually very rich in VITAMIN A and must be increased /consumed regularly to make progress in eliminating and preventing the disease,

CARROT, APRICOT, MANGO (one of the richest fresh fruit in provitamin A) and also vegetables


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