Macular degeneration of the retina – Causes and treatment / recommended diet

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Nov 15, 2012
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Nov 17, 2012

Macular degeneration of the retina is the major cause of blindness in persons over the age of 65. The macula,is the most sensitive part of the retina, in which the most visual acuity is concentrated. The deterioration of the macular, initiates the defect.

Causes of macular degeneration of the retina

The following are the major cause of macular degeneration of the retina:

• The presence of free radicals produced by the body or from tobacco smoke or other pollutants

• The lack of antioxidants that are capable of neutralizing free radicals.

• Prolonged exposure to intense light.

Recommended diet for macular degeneration of the retina

Diet plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of almost all types of diseases. Some substances have been shown to be very effective in the prevention of macular degeneration of the retina. The most effective are carotenoids {vegetable pigments}, mainly lutein and zeaxanthin, which are found in SPINACH and CABBAGE.
Other important foods that must be increased in diet apart from SPINACH and CABBAGE are ORANGE, ZINC and ANTIOXIDANTS.

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