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Kidney stones – Causes, effects, symptoms, treatment and recommended diet!

Kidney stone disease also called urolithiasis involves the formation of small stones in the interior of the kidney.

CAUSES: The stony masses formed in the kidney are produced when mineral salts in urine come out of solution as solid crystals.

EFFECTS: The kidney stones produced vary in sizes from tiny sand like grains to large masses which can completely fill the renal pelvis. These stones, can eventually block the flow of urine and make way for the beginning of infections.

SYMPTOMS: The main symptoms are:
* the persistence of a severe pain arising from a damaged kidney tubule, such situation will lead to
* a loss of weight.

TREATMENT: The main treatment of kidney stone disease is by:

* dissolving the kidney stones with an antibiotic. But larger stones may have to be removed;

* SURGICALLY (surgical operations).

RECOMMENDED DIETS: Increase the intake of:water, lemon, diuretic foods, fiber and hazelnut.

Reduce /eliminate-salt, proteins, meat, cheese, beer, coffee, dairy products and vegetables.

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