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Hazelnut – Properties and health benefits / medicinal uses

The properties and health benefits / medicinal uses of hazelnuts are discussed below.

Botanical name: Corylus avellana L.
Other names: Cobnut, Cob, Filbert, turkish filbert, American hazelnut, European hazelnut, Chinese hazelnut.

Hazelnut is the seed of the fruit of hazelnut tree, Corylus avellana L., of the botanical family Betulaceae, which usually reaches a height of about 2 to 4 meters. The seeds are enclosed in a hard and woody pericarp that is some how spherical in shape.
Hazelnuts are now produced in most part of the world in large amounts. This precisely is due to its benefits to the human body, especially its ability to prevent kidney stones.

Properties of Hazelnut
The contents of hazelnut are similar to that of almonds, but however surpasses almonds in calories, vitamins, and fats.
Hazelnuts are rich in fats, containing fats in 62% of their total content. They are also rich in proteins, containing about 13% of its total content.
When it comes to minerals and vitamins, hazelnuts are not left out. They provide significant amounts of phosphorus, manganese, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and folates. As already known, nuts contain virtually no beta-carotene (provitamin A) and vitamin C.


Health benefits / medicinal uses of Hazelnut

Hazelnuts have been known for their energy-giving ability for a long time. They provide so much amount of energy that with just a handful of hazelnuts (50 g), about 316 kcal of energy is provided, enough for an hour long physical exercise. Apart from its energy-giving capacity, hazelnut is a good kidney stones preventer. Sometimes, hazelnut among other foods is usually referred to as “the preventer of kidney stones”, this is a great medicinal value of hazelnut.
Owing to the above properties of hazelnuts, it is indicated in the following cases:

Kidney stones
The property of hazelnut in preventing kidney stones has been proved by a french phytotherapist. He suggested making hazelnuts a regular part of the diet of those suffering from renal lithiasis, mainly in cases of urate calculi (stones). Thus, the regular consumption of hazelnuts, preferably a handful every morning is highly beneficial for those willing to prevent kidney stones, and will give amazIng results for those suffering from it.

There are some cases where the need for great amount of energy arises, and such cases can be favoured by the consumption of hazelnut since it provides great amount of energy. Examples include:
» People just recovering from a debilitating disease
» An athlete
» Youths, and even
» Pregnant women.

This is just self explanatory. From the properties of hazelnut, we have seen that it is very low in carbohydrates and are a good source of energy. Thus, their presence in a diabetics diet can be said to be well-deserved.

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