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Gastroduodenal ulcer – Causes, treatments and recommended diets

Gastroduodenal ulcer is the discontinuity of the mucous membrane lining the interior of the stomach /duodenum.

Gastroduodenal ulcer may have various causes, these causes includes:

* Excess of stomach acid

* The presence of certain micro-organisms such as Helicobacter pylori than can cause gastritis {inflammation of the gastric mucosa} and ulceration of the stomach and duodenum

* The high intake of irritants such as spices, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tobacco, aspirin, carbonated softdrinks e.t.c, may also cause gastroduodenal ulcer

* Stress /nervous tension, which cause vasoconstriction and reduce blood supply to the gastric mucosa {mucous membrane lining}, thereby, leaving it unprotected.

The treatment of gastroduodenal ulcer has to do with the type of diet being consumed. Certain foods are well known to control and even prevent this disorder, while others exacerbate it. Below is a table showing foods to be increased and those to be reduced or completely eliminated.

OatsAlcoholic beverages
CabbageWhite sugar
OkraShell fish
Vitamin A and CSpices
PotatoCarbonated beverages

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