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Constipation – Causes, and recommended diets

Constipation occurs when there are difficulties in passing out faeces out of the large intestine. It is the main cause of infrequent passing out of faeces, these faeces usually use to be excessively firm.

Evacuation / passing out faeces twice or once everyday is considered normal, if it is less frequent, it is considered constipation.

Causes of constipaton
The main causes of constipation are:

• Weakness in the musculature of the large intestine

• Organic causer like cancer of the colon

• lack of physical exercise which is necessary to stimulate the reflex to defecate

• Abuse of laxatives which produces a state of inflammation in the intestinal mucosa, which results in desensitizing it to normal stimuli

• An improper diet with insufficient water and fiber intake

• Irregular bowel habits-Ignorance of the biological call to defecate due to nervous tension.

Recommended diet for Constipation

Constipation relief can be achieved through use of proper diet. As diet plays an important role in the correction of constipation, here is a list of foods to be increased /eaten and those to be reduced /eliminated to effectively treat /control or prevent constipation:

Whole grainsIndustrial baked foods
Vegetables and LegumesChocolate
Prunes and figsShell fish
Apple and grapes

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