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Chickpea – Properties and health benefits / medicinal uses

In this article, we will be looking at the properties and health benefits / medicinal uses of chickpea.

Botanical name: Cicer arietinum L.
Other names: Bengal gram, Leci, Garbanzo

Chickpea is the seed of the chickpea plant, Cicer arietinum L., of the botanical family Leguminosae. The fruit of the chickpea plant is oval in shape and contains two seeds known as chickpeas.

Properties of chickpea

Chickpea is a highly nutritious legume with many therapeutic properties, and ideal for both men and women. Below represents its contents.

• Carbohydrates – Chickpeas are very rich in carbohydrates, it represents about 43.3% of its total content. Starch being predominant among others, is slowly transformed into glucose during digestion. This must be after it is well salivated and chewed.

• Proteins – Chickpeas contains significant amount of proteins, about 19.3% of its total content, which is even greater than that of egg and meat. It is advisable when consuming chickpea to combine it with a grain to provide an excellent protein of biological quality.

• Fats – Fats are present in chickpeas in about 6.04% of its total content. These fats are mainly polyunsaturated fats.

• Minerals – Some of the minerals present in chickpea in rich amounts are Iron (about three times that of meat), potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc.

• Vitamins – Chickpeas contains high amounts of folates which help reduce heart attack risk, and also is involved in the proper functioning of the nervous system. Additionally, chickpeas contains significant amounts of Vitamin B6 and B2.

Health benefits / medicinal uses of chickpea

Chickpea is a highly nutritious legume for both men and women. It has various medicinal values and indications. The comsumption of chckpeas is recommended in the following cases:

The fiber in chickpea naturally stimulates the intestinal peristaltic action which helps in moving the feces through the lower digestive tract.

Excess cholesterol
The fiber present in chickpea impedes the absorption of cholesterol from other foods in the intestine. Additionally, chickpea contains a moderate amount of high quality mono and polyunsaturated fats that helps lower cholesterol level.
The consumption of chickpea helps prevent arteriosclerosis and all of its complications such as heart attack.

chickpeas contains high amounts of essential nutrients such as iron, proteins, and other minerals which are required for the healthy being of the fetus. Additionally, its richness in folates makes it highly recommended for pregnant women, due to its ability to prevent nervous system defects in the fetus.

Nervous system disorders
Chickpeas are highly recommended in cases of functional disorders of the nervous system due to vitamin D deficiency such as nervousness and irritability. They are also recommended in cases of depression and stress.

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