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Dec 5, 2012
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In this article, we will be looking at the properties and health benefits / medicinal uses of chestnus.

The chestnut is a seed of the chestnut tree ( ‘Castanea sativa’ Mill.), a robust tree of the botanical family Fagaceae.


The chestnut contains:

• About 37.4% of carbohydrates, mainly starch and saccharose with virtually no glucose or fructose. It is considered as one of nature’ srichest carbohydrate sources, which can only be compared with grains and legumes.

• About 2.42% of proteins

• About 2.26% of fats, mainly mono and poly unsaturated.

• Vitamin C and B complex vitamins in rich amounts. They also contain small amounts of vitamin A and no vitamin E.

• Potassium in rich amounts and a very low sodium content, which makes it ideal for those with hypertension or cardiovascular disorders.Chestnut also contains significant amounts of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, and the trace elements, copper, manganese, and zinc.


The medicinal values of chestnut are quite numerous, we will be looking at some below.
The chestnut is a food that is of immense benefit to the musculoskeletal system.
It acts as an alkalzer and an astringent, invigorates the muscles and also promotes milk flow ( galactagogue ). Thus, chestnuts are indicated in the following cases:

Growth periods
Chestnuts provides adequate amounts of calories, minerals, and vitamins needed for the musculoskeletal development of adolescents.

Chestnuts are very effective in cases of treating diarrhea due to its mild astringent and regulating effects. The chestnut puree, is a good preparation in this particular treatment.

Lactating mothers
The chestnuts, being galactagogues, promote milk flow and provide a great deal of nutrition to the lactating mother.

Arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular disorders
Their high potassium and low sodium content explains this. They provide energy but very little amounts of fats.

Physical fatigue
Physical fatigue is mainly due to intense exercise. The chestnut have an invigorating effect on the muscles, thus, providing a sensation of fitness/ well being.

Kidney failure
Due to the alkalizing effects of chestnuts which partially compensates for excess uric acid in the blood, makes chestnuts highly recommended in cases of liver failure.

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